Еще одна крутая фотография из нашего Instagram @dreamcarua December 24, 2016 at...

Еще одна крутая фотография из нашего Instagram @dreamcarua December 24, 2016 at 07:42AM


In 1990 #Arden took part for first time on the #Motor show in Tokyo. As a conclusion of this rich in development and successful
decade Jochen Arden decided to move his location to Krefeld and he began with the planning and development of the new premises.
In 1991 a new Epoch began. In the 90`s it was stated “move from the origin get close to the customer”. In Krefeld they found a strategically favorable place for the establishment of the Arden headquarters and after
the completion of the new building they moved to the new company premises. And once again the race driving passion of
Jochen Arden flamed up and he founded “Arden racing”. The Arden racing team, with the support from Jaguar, won the
GT European Championship in 1993 and they carried on the next season with the same enthusiasm and success.
The exclusive tuning contract with Jaguar Germany was updated. For 2 consecutive years the
Arden Automobile GmbH also won as the strongest Jaguar dealer in Germany the “European Jaguar Quality Club 1992/1993” award.
In 1995 Jochen Arden signed a contract with the Rover group and the company tree was enlarged with the introduction of
Arden Engineering GmbH. Arden developed the first ABS system for a #Jaguar, the first airbag and tested
the first 5 speed automatic transmission from #ZF and offered his customers the once in a life time possibility of
optimizing the sporty performance of their vehicles, to increase the security and to intensify the driving comfort.
In 1996 Arden won the first of 3 consecutive awards “First class sales competition for Jaguar Germany GmbH” and also presented
a complete upgrading program for the new Jaguar XJ Limousine that made a rolling office out of the XJ V12.
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